Building Habits

Using systems to kick off and stick to new habits

I’ve always been controlled by my habits. I’ve always wanted it to be the other way around. There was so much I wanted to do and so little time to do it. The only problem: that’s not true. It was not true then. It’s not true now.

My Net Worth Tracking Journey

Systematically Logging My Net Worth for 4 Years

I started tracking my net worth three years, nine months and six days ago. I have a record of my net worth going back to October 2016. In that time, my net worth has increased 40 times over. No other practice has had as great an effect on my financial consciousness.

Breaking a TikTok Addiction with Assembly

Experimenting with Workflows to Replace Bad Habits

When our habits become unconscious they cease to enliven us and begin to imprison us. Everyone and their mother is addicted to social media. TikTok is the newest in what has become a long line of highly engaging, highly addicting, and highly available products that sit, poised in our pockets...